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BPEC Petrochemical Engineering Consultancy Company is wholly owned by SEI qualified qualified with Class A Certificate for Project Engineering and capable of providing services for Project Planning, Case Study, Feasibility Study, and Bankability Study.

The BPEC Petrochemical Engineering Consultancy Company was founded in 1983. Since its inception, the company has completed more than 100 consultancy projects such as Maoming Ethylene Project, Yanshan Ethylene Project, Zhongyuan Ethylene Project, Liaoyang Ethylene Project, Nanhai Ethylene Project, BASF-YPC Ethylene Project, Shanghai SECCO Ethylene Project, Fujian Ethylene Project, Tianjin Ethylene Project, Zhenhai Ethylene Project, and Wuhan Ethylene Project. The company owns 30 specialists engaged in consultancy business.

The consultancy projects performed by the company include the Yanshan Ethylene Expansion Project which was the first ethylene expansion project, the Maoming Ethylene Expansion Project which improved engineering concept. After the feasibility study was performed for the Yueyang Ethylene Project, the conclusion of “non-feasible” was presented, which proved to be correct. This is an example that the company performs the work in a scientific way and takes the responsibility to provide reliable conclusions to the client. The company has also provided consultancy services for sino-foreign joint venture projects, such as the BASF-YPC Ethylene Project, Shanghai SECCO Project (joint venture project between SINOPEC and BP), and Fujian Ethylene Project (joint venture project between SINOPEC, EXXONMOBIL and SAUDI ARAMCO).

In recent years, the company has been awarded two first place Excellent Consultancy Projects, one second place Excellent Consultancy Project, and one third place Excellent Consultancy Project.

The company is well recognized in the oil refining and petrochemical fields. It is committed to provide services to clients for fulfilling cost effective, energy efficient, and environment friendly projects.









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