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Engineering design is the core business of SEI. It has completed engineering for 2000 refining and petrochemical units, through which rich experience has been built.

Engineering in revisions are in practice to facilitate overlapping activities in engineering, procurement and construction, so that project schedule can be improved. Latest engineering soft wares are applied to improve engineering quality and bring better productivity. In respect of engineering management, matrix system is followed while engineering manager takes single responsibility for schedule, quality, cost, safety and contract control. In respect of engineering practice, the concept of value added engineering was introduced for the purpose of land saving, less staffing, capex reducing as well as resources optimization. Information management system is applied in projects with international best practice. Both international and national codes and standards can be followed for engineering as per clients’ requirement. Engineering documents can be prepared either or both in English and/or Chinese.

Qingdao 10Mt/a Refinery Project was another one with single train crude distillation capacity of ten Mt/a within SINOPEC. SEI performed engineering for the 10,000,000 t/a Crude and Vacuum Distillation Unit, the 3,200,000 t/a VGO Hydrotreating Unit, the 2,900,000 t/a RFCC Unit, Sulfur and Mercaptan Removal Unit, the 2,500,000 t/a Delayed Coker Unit, the 200,000t/a Polypropylene Plant, the 120,000 t/a MTBE Unit, and the utilities and infrastructures. The Mechanical Completion was finished on December 31, 2007. On May 24, 2008, the whole refinery was put into operation and the on-spec products were produced. All units were successfully put on stream on their first start-up. The project showcased the development of Chinese refining technologies and SEI’s lead position in performing large sized single train project.

The Maoming Ethylene Expansion Project was one of the 15 Key Projects planned by SINOPEC to promote petrochemical base construction in southern China. SEI performed overall planning and engineering for Ethylene Plant, Polypropylene Plant, High-density Polyethylene Plant, Pygas Hydrotreating Plant, High Pressure Polyethylene Plant, utilities, and ancillary facilities.

The Ethylene Plant was started up on September 17, 2006, which stands for the complete success of the 1,000,000 t/a Ethylene Expansion Project. This project is featured with large capacity, novel technology, low capex, and short schedule. SINOPEC in-house technologies and Chinese equipment are maximized in this project. SEI performed the Basic Design for the large sized Ethylene Plant independently for the first time. This project has the highest Chinese Content both technology-wise and equipment-wise and provides experience in maximizing Chinese Content in future large sized ethylene projects.

Shanghai SECCO Project
The project was one of the biggest joint-venture petrochemical projects in China, which was jointly invested and constructed by SINOPEC, Shanghai Petrol-chemical Company Ltd., and BP China Investment Co. Ltd. SEI provided project planning services played different roles in the project, such as EP Contractor for 900,000 t/a Ethylene Plant; EPC Contractor for 250,000 t/a Polypropylene Plant, 500,000 t/a Aromatic Extraction Plant, and so on.
The Ethylene 900,000 t/a Plant was the core section of the SECCO project. SEI and ABB-Lummus jointly performed engineering and procurement work. It was the largest single train ethylene complex in China at that time. The Contract of this package was signed on November 21, 2002. The engineering and procurement was completed in March 2004 and the Mechanical Completion was finished on December 20, 2004.

On March 18, 2005, the Ethylene Plant was successfully put into operation at its first start up and on-spec product was obtained within 10 hours. The success of the project showed that SEI was fully qualified as main contractor for large-sized ethylene projects.


Qingdao 10 Mt/a Refinery Project
Night Piece of Maoming Ethylene Plant
Hainan Refinery
SECCO Cracking Furnace
PP Plant, Jinshan Petrochemcial Co.







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