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Beijing BPEC Construction Supervision Company (BSC), a subsidiary of SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation (SEI), is one of the Class A supervision companies in China. It is a member of the China National Supervision Consultants Association as well as the Beijing Supervision Consultants Association.

The service scope includes construction project management, engineering design supervision, project supervision, equipment fabrication supervision, and technical consultation.

BSC has sufficient eligible employees with English proficiency. There are 137 staff members in the company which includes 88 senior engineers, 42 engineers, and 5 technical personnel. Among them, 40 are supervision engineers and equipment fabrication supervision engineers with the certificates issued by Ministry of China National Construction and 86 are supervision engineers registered in Beijing and SINOPEC. They are able to undertake the engineering and construction supervision work for petrochemical, refinery, equipment fabrication, long-distance oil pipeline, industry and civil building, highway and bridge, large automobile workshop and so on.

Since its inception, BSC has completed 65 domestic supervision projects with project investment of 70.9 billion RMB. The supervision projects include domestic projects, Joint venture projects and individual foreign investment projects. During the project supervision, BSC has established very good relationship and well cooperation with world well-known international contractors, licensors, and engineering companies, such as Fluor Daniel Inc., ABB Lummus Global Inc., Tecnimont, Mitsui Engineering Shipbuilding Co.Ltd., Dongmian Co.Ltd, Da Cheng Co.Ltd., BP, BASF, Lurgi, and Citroen Company. Through the cooperation and exchange. The firm foundation was laid in improving project management level, increasing cooperation ability with international companies and training international project management personnel.

Up to now, BSC has not received any complaints for the supervision works, and contract commitment has been 100%. BSC has competitive strength, and enjoys high fame and reputation in SINOPEC construction supervision market.

Over the past decade, BSC has accumulated abundant supervision experience in construction supervision. Based on it, the Project Construction Supervision Handbook of about 800,000 wording was completed for guidance of supervision services; The in-house software of Project Management Integration System (PMIS) for project supervision services was developed, which provides strong support for sustainable development of project supervision in our company.

BSC as the construction department of SEI is involved in the whole process of PMC and EPC project activities.
The BSC brand represents quality and satisfaction. BSC is not only recognized within SINOPEC, but also recognized in other industries. Its building construction projects have been awarded the Great Wall Cup for several times.

The construction supervision services provided for large oil refining and petrochemical projects include:

Nanhai Petrochemicals Project
The client of this project was CSPC, a joint venture between China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Shell. The project was located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China. The construction supervision project was commenced in August 2003 with? total 527638 supervision man-hours. The Capex of this project was 4.5 billion US Dollars.
The PMC of this project was a joint venture among Bechtel, SEI, and Foster Wheeler. The client signed a separate contract with BSC for construction supervision services. The scope of work included:
Construction Quality Control
Technical Support
Construction Coordination and Government Relationship Coordination
Construction Technical Document Control
Macro-monitoring of schedule milestones, costs, contract, and HSE of own employees

This project started to deliver on-spec ethylene and propylene products in January 2006.

Southwest Oil Products Pipeline Project
BSC performed the construction supervision for 6 packages of the Southwest Oil Products Pipeline Project from September 2003 to December 2005. Batching Sequence Transportation Process was applied in this project with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system and anti water-hammer and leak detecting devices.
The scope of work included:
Assist the client to do project planning and job specification preparation
Assist the client to do project bid invitation
Prepare relevant project management documents
Subcontractor coordination, supervision, and management
Responsible for project cost settlement
The Capex of the project was 3.5 billion RMB. The pipeline was 1750 km long starting from Maoming, Guangdong Province to Kunming, Yunnan Province via Guangxi Province and Guizhou Province. The total 158985 man-hours were spent in this project for construction supervision. The whole line was put into operation in December 2005 and was successful at its first start up.

According to ISO9001 (2000), BSC established quality management system and obtained ISO9001 quality management certificate. Moreover, the company has been assessed as excellent supervision company for consecutive yeas by Beijing Supervision Consultant Association and SINOPEC Supervision Consultant Association

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