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LNG Treatment

Sinopec Puguang Natural Gas Treating Plant.

SINOPEC Natural Gas PipelineTransfer from Sichuan to East China Project is one of the key programs of the
11th Five-Year Plan. This project consists of gas field exploration and exploitation, Gas Gathering, gas
treating, and export pipeline. SEI undertakes the EPC for the natural gas treating.

The process flow of the natural gas treating plant begins with Amine Treating, followed by TEG

Dehydration, Claus Sulfur Recovery, and Tail Gas Treatment by Reduction Absorption. The processing units
consist of a desulfurization unit, dehydrating unit, sulfur recovery unit, tail gas treatment, and sour
water stripper. The total sulfur recovery is greater than 99.8%.

The project capacity is 12 billion m3/a, with a yield of 9.6 billion m3/a natural gas, and produces a by-
product of 2.26mta sulfer. The project is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2009.

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