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One of SEI expertise is engineering for processing and deep processing facilities based on crude and coal.

The core technologies ranging from atmospheric & vacuum distillation unit, catalytic cracking unit, coker gas oil & naphtha hydrotreating unit, FCC gas oil hydrotreating unit, lube oil hydrofinishing unit, wax hydrotreating unit, ketone-benzol dewax & deoiling unit, hydrocracking unit, hydrogen manufacturing unit, hydrogen purification unit, catalytic reforming unit, delayed coker, gas fractionation unit, desulfurization unit, sulfur recovery unit, alkylation unit, MTBE unit, aromatics separation unit, disproportionation & isomerization unit, xylene isomerization unit, xylene separation unit, solvent deasphalting unit, propane deasphalting unit, butane deasphalting unit, furfural refining unit, phenol refining unit, clay treating unit to gas station & LPG filling station. The main products include jet fuel, cooking LPG, gasoline& diesel, lube oil stock, fuel as well as feed stock for petrochemical plants such as naphtha. In addition, SEI has engineering expertise and established a track record for refined oil products, crude/oil transportation/storage, large size crude/gas tank, and cryogenic tank/pipe line.

Typical Project:

Both Jinshan and Gaoqiao refineries each with a capacity of 10,000,000T/A are two of the large engineering projects engineered by us during the end of “ the Ninth Five Year Plan” and “ the Tenth Five Year Plan” period. The establishment of the two 10,000,000T/A refineries shows China’s petroleum refining industry and its engineering capability have stepped into leading place in the world.

Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has completed the first of the two phase No.2 refinery and put it into operation with the first large size delayed coker (one furnace and two towers) with a capacity of 1,000,000T/A as a show case through four years’ best efforts. The first phase project was been smoothly accepted by related authorities. The second phase construction was started immediately after the first phase and only in slightly over one year the first national large 1,500,000T/A medium pressure hydrocracking unit and four other process units were successfully started and put into operation in August and September 2002 respectively. Up to then, 10,000,000T/A refinery expansion project in Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was been accomplished. The project covered 9 compacted design process units occupying a area of less than 6 hectares. All major operating figures showed that the units had reached national leading level. Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. became an integrated petrochemical complex with a capacity of 10,000,000T/A for crude processing and a capacity of 80,000,000 T/A for ethylene production upon the completion of the 10,000,000T/A refinery. Since Shanghai Refinery of SINOPEC Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company was one of the oldest refineries in China, crude processing capacity was scheduled to be expanded from 7,000,000T/A to 10,000,000T/A as per the overall planning by SINOPEC. In addition to the increase of capacity, the configuration of the refinery was to be optimized and products were to be upgraded to meet the target of bringing the refinery to be one of the leading ones in the world. To meet this end, three large projects were executed:
To build a 10,000,000T/A refinery with competitive edge as well as with corresponding transportation / storage facilities and utilities through new establishment and expansion of 14 units.
To make the refinery to be one of the up-to-date ones in terms of energy consumption upon the completion of the energy saving project.
To upgrade the refinery through “ Water Star Program” e.g. to integrate the latest process technologies with information technology.

Up to now, the projects in the first phase including a 8,000,000T/A atmospheric & vacuum distillation unit, a 1,400,000T/A delayed coker, a 20,000 m3/h hydrogen manufacturing unit and a 800,000T/A jet fuel hydrotreating unit were completed and put into operation respectively in August and September 2003. SEI made great efforts during the engineering and construction; persisting in technical innovation, SEI has set the record of:
The first large size lube type atmospheric & vacuum distillation unit (8,000,000T/A)
The first large size single tower delayed coker (1,000,000T/A and 1,400,000T/A)
The first large size medium pressure hydro cracking unit (1,500,000T/A) The first large size complex-9 units compacted design 。

Typical Project:

Qingdao Refinery Project
Qingdao Refinery is the first 10Mt/a single-series refinery project within Sinopec. The crude oil processing capacity is 10Mt/a during the first phase of the project. The configuration for the whole refinery is: delayed coker + RFCC + CFB + Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas, involving a total of 16 processing units, utilities, and infrastructures.

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