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SEI is the first and biggest petrochemical design institute in the mainland of China . Its business covers all fields in refining and petrochemical sector through 50 years effort. The main achievements are of ethylene, propylene, PVC, styrene, butadiene etc. Taking ethylene for example, SEI has completed ethylene projects in Zhongyuan and Guangzhou with the capacity 140,000t/a respectively; in Yanshan and Maoming with the capacity 300,000t/a respectively; in Nanhai Ethylene Project with the capacity 800,000t/a and Ethylene Expansion Projects such as in Yanshan, Maoming, Qilu, Daqing from 300,000t/a to 450,000t/a or even to 600,000t/a respectively. The three synthetic materials such as synthetic resin including PE, PP, Polystyrene, PVC; synthetic fiber and synthetic rubber including cis-butadiene and IIR. In addition, SEI involved in fine chemical such as BPA

Typical Project:

Shanghai SECCO 900kta Ethylene Project
"SECCO (a joint venture between SINPEC and BP) selected SEI and ABB-Lummus as the EP contractor for its 900kta Ethylene Project. Among the 11 contracted plants, SEI is responsible for the 900kta ethylene plant (EP scope of work), the 250kta PP unit and the 500kta aromatics extraction unit (EPC scope of work), and the 90kta butadiene unit (EP+C scope of work). SEI is also the construction supervisor for the 500kta EB/styrene unit and the 300kta Polystyrene unit. The project was kicked off in October 2002 and delivered to the client after mechanical completion in December 2004. The complex was started up on March 2005.

In 2006, the 25kt/a PP unit was awarded the National Silver Key Award for EPC Project by CEDA and CNAEC and the Bronze Key Award for the 500kt/a aromatics extraction unit and the 90kta butadiene unit respectively.

Sinopec Maoming Ethylene Expansion Project (1.0 Mt/a)
In addition to the overall project planning, SEI also provided engineering services for the individual units for the 64kt/a ethylene plant, 300kta PP plant, 350kta HDPE, pygas hydrotreating and LDPE. SEI also provided engineering services for the utilities and infrastructures of the whole complex. The local content of the project has reached more than 80%.

Key Projects :

Polypropylene is our expertise since long. SEI signed the EPC contracts for Changling, Fujian, Wuhan and Jiujiang to provide 4 sets of the lump sum turnkey plants in 1996 covering the PDP, engineering, procurement, construction management, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up services. The contract duration was no more than 28 months.

The 1st advantage is Short Contract Duration. The contract duration was 28 months but the actual duration was shorten than the contract stipulation. The shortest one is only 23.5 months based on the initial start-up successfully. This made the clients more than satisfied to the Contractor. That was what SEI is able to provide to the clients.

The 2st advantage is Lower Investment Cost: Practice shows the Lump Sum Turn Key EPC Contract done by engineering company, as SEI for example, was an effective way to control the total capital investment and reduce the cost in construction period. On the one hand, SEI digested and absorbed foreign technology based on detailed design performed by SEI itself and increased the percentage of equipment & materials localization so as to sharply cut off the project cost. On the other hand, SEI made a good use of IT system to make the project management effectively and practicable in deep overlapped of design, procurement and initial civil construction via operable coordination, which is successfully performed by international contractors. SEI did shorten the contract duration and consequently reduced the EPC cost. At the same time, to shorten the contract duration helped the producers a lot in occupation the sales market thus to satisfy the clients in obtaining the benefit by having products ahead of the time. The average investment for the main plant is about $850/ ton of PP in Changling, Fujian, Wuhan and in Jiujiang in the period of 1996~1999. Compared with those similar PP plants built a couple of years age in Tianjin, Zhongyuan, Guangzhou, Dushanzi respectively, the investment of the same was between $1,144 to $1,445 per ton of PP respectively. In summery, SEI was saving clients the capital investment average $24 MM for each PP plant equal to ¥ 200 MM in RMB.

The 3st advantage is Reliable Quality: SEI put the quality as important as safety in the KSTK Contract. Firstly, SEI made accuracy calculation and simulation to the process to be adopted either from process point of view or from engineering point of view particularly to the critical equipment so as to ensure the reliability and stability of the facilities. It is believed through the evaluation by both SEI Technical Committee and SINOPEC Experts Committee that the Polypropylene Technology of Domestic Process and N catalyst and the products had reached the same as that of international advanced level in 1990’s.Secondly, SEI innovational added propylene purification system in front of the polymerization unit so as to insure the product quality and operation reliable even the new system needed certain additional investment thereof. There is no doubt that those critical facilities such as same instrument and heavy-duty rotating machinery must be imported from reputable vendors or manufacturers currently based on SEI long term experience in the past.

The 4st advantage is Client Satisfaction: The 4 Plants were put in line one by one from April 20 to June 28, 1998 with successful start-up initially in Wuhan ,Jiujiang Changlin and Fujian .The performance tests were qualified and all figures were conformed with the Contract guarantees. More than this, the N-Catalyst, which is a kind of localized catalyst for polypropylene, was passed the commercialization test and authentication in Jiujiang PP plant. It was shown that all the testing figures of the plant, such as product slate , quality, raw materials & energy consumption, automation control and waste disposals were extremely better than those plant of imported or overseas similarly plants.

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