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Engineering Field: Oil Transportation and Storage

The design concepts of social environmental protection, safety and energy saving have been fully carried out in the team design of transportation and storage system of our company. We possess nearly 60 years’ technology and experience of oil transportation and storage field. We have provide tens of refineries, petrochemical plants, nearly one hundred oil depots of dissimilar types and tens of oil pipelines with advanced and complete technology in different times.

一. Main work of oil transportation and storage profession

1. Oil transportation and storage system of refineries and petrochemical plants.

       .Transportation and storage systems of crude oil, intermediate stock oil and products.

       .Loading and unloading establishments of stock oil and products(including railway, road and dock loading and unloading establishments)

       .Blending establishments of products

       .Discharge system of combustible gas (including pressure discharge system and flare system)

       .Chemical medicament establishments(including loading, storage and transportation establishments of chemical medicament)

       .Launder establishments(including common and specific launder establishments.. )

       .Wind system(including purified and non-purified wind)

       .Nitrogen system(including air separation plant, storage and supply establishments of liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas)

2. Dissimilar types of commercial oil depots, terminals and transfer oil depots

3. Fuel stations and gas stations

4. LPG filling stations and LPG evaporation stations

5. Long distance gas and oil pipelines

二. Service range of oil transportation and storage profession

The following services are offered by our company for the aforesaid items:

  .Scheme design

  .Feasibility study

  .Foundation design

  . Detail design

  . Project contracting

  .Construction service

  .Technical consultation

  .Technology transfer

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