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SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation (SEI) is a strong brand under the flag of China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC). SEI is mainly known as a leading engineering company capable of undertaking various projects including implementation of PMC and EPC projects. SEI is committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent, with over 2,200 employees working on various projects home and abroad. The total assets of the company were valued at RMB 15.8 billion as of 2011.
SEI is made up of a team of motivated high-caliber talents endowed with strong technical capabilities and profound experience. This has enabled the company to offer extensive and quality services to local as well as international clients in refinery, petrochemical, coal to liquid, coal to chemicals, gas processing, environmental protection, utilities and infrastructures projects. The company is capable of providing overall project planning, PMC, and EPC services for large oil and petrochemical integrated plants, refineries, and chemical complexes. In particular, SEI has forged uniquely outstanding capabilities in performing oil and petrochemical integration projects.
SEI has developed a well-knit matrix of project management systems that revolves around the project manager’s leadership. The company is equipped with complete ISO quality systems and HSE procedures, covering the management scope supported by the project teams performing core businesses and the disciplinary departments providing functional roles of the company. This has enabled SEI to provide its clients with safe and efficient engineering services that fully comply with HSE standards. With this, SEI aims to build a harmonious and prosperous community.
In the R&D area, SEI owns a series of patented and proprietary technologies for fluidized catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, hydrogen production, oil storage & movement, ethylene (including CBL cracking furnace), polyethylene, polypropylene, EO/EG, butadiene extraction, aromatics extraction, etc., and owns know-hows in engineering for all refinery and major petrochemical projects. The company has also achieved rewarding breakthroughs in developing natural gas, coal and bio-energies as oil substitutes. SEI has maintained over one hundred active patent claims and two hundred proprietary technologies under protection every year.
In the last five years, SEI has implemented several large scale local and international engineering or EPC projects, including Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Project, Qingdao Oil Refining Project (10 Mt/a), Fujian Oil and Chemical Integrated Project, Puguang Natural Gas Treating Project, Tianjin Ethylene Project (1.0 Mt/a), and Huangdao National Oil Reserve Base Project.
In 2011, SEI was found in the 43rd place among the Top 150 Global Engineering Firms and ranked 83rd among the Top 225 International Contractors as announced by ENR (Engineering News Record).
SEI was rated the first place among the Top 100 Chinese Exploration & Design Firms. SEI was granted the Class A Certificate for General Qualifications for Engineering Design among the firstlings in 2008 by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC. SEI was accredited as “AAA Credit Enterprise” (the highest credit in China) for international contracting businesses by China International Contractors Association.

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